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Image 4

Image 5-Low power magnification showing diffuse replacement of the dermis by a cellular infiltrate, separated from the epidermis by a Grenz zone.

Image 2

Image 3-Higher power magnificatioin exhibiting histiocytic appearing cells with occasional giant cells.

Image 4

Image 5-Diffuse nuclear positivity for p53.

Image 6-Diffuse immunopositivity for CD68

Image 7-Immunohistochemical stains for CD1a, Cytokeratin, S100, and smooth muscle actin were negative. CD45 revealed focal positivity.

What is your diagnosis?


Case Study

This is a 56 year old woman who presents with an acute onset of multiple erythematous papules occurring on the proximal extremities, trunk, head, and neck.

First Posted May 14, 2009

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