Melanocytic Nevus




Congenital Melanocytic Nevus-Clinical and Pathologic Pitfalls
Dysplastic Nevus-Atypical Mole or Typical Role?
Is this Melanoma? Should it Be?
Melanoma-Back to Basics, I Thought I Knew Ya!
Melanoma in Situ-Taking it to the Lowest Level
Melanoma Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy-Is it the Gold Standard?
Melanoma Through the Malpractice Scope
The Spitz Nevus-Sophie Spitz Was Correct!
Subungual Melanoma
This is a Melanoma? Unusual Histologic Variants from the Great Mimic!

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Becker's Nevus (Becker's Hairy Nevus)
Blue Nevus
Congenital Nevus
Dysplastic Nevus
Hypopigmented Lesions of the Skin including Vitiligo
Idiopathic Eruptive Macular Pigmentation (IEMP)
Melanocytic Matricoma
Melanoma, Non-Skin Tumors
Melanoma Histopathological Variants/Special Stains/Differential Diagnosis
Melanoma Prognostic Factors
Melanoma Treatment
Mole (Pigmented Nevus)
Nevus of Ota and Ito
Pigmented Spindle Cell Nevus of Reed
Reticular Melanotic Hypermelanosis
Spitz Nevus

Journal Articles

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