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Inflammatory Dermatoses

Skin Neoplasms

Dermatopathology Diagnostic Accuracy
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Mnemonics for Dermatology/Dermatopathology



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Dermatopathology Board Review Questions (Skin Pathology Second Edition-Weedon 2002)

Lichenoid Reaction Pattern (Weedon Chapter 3)
Psoriasiform Reaction Pattern (Weedon Chapter 4)
Spongiotic Reaction Pattern (Weedon Chapter 5)
Vesiculobullous Reaction Pattern (Weedon Chapter 6)
Granulomatous Reaction Pattern (Weedon Chapter 7)
Vasculopathic Reaction Pattern (Weedon Chapter 8)
Disorders of Epidermal Maturation and Keratinization (Weedon Chapter 9)
Disorders of Pigmentation (Weedon Chapter 10)
Disorders of Collagen (Weedon-Chapter 11)
Disorders of Elastic Tissue (Weedon Chapter 12)
Cutaneous Mucinoses (Weedon Chapter 13)
Cutaneous Deposits (Weedon Chapter 14)
Diseases of Cutaneous Appendages (Weedon Chapter 15)
Cysts, Sinuses, and Pits (Weedon Chapter 16)
Panniculitis (Weedon Chapter 17)
Metabolic and Storage Diseases (Weedon Chapter 18)
Miscellaneous Conditions (Weedon Chapter 19)
Cutaneous Drug Reactions (Weedon Chapter 20)
Reactions to Physical Agents (Weedon Chapter 21)
Bacterial and Rickettsial Infections (Weedon Chapter 23)
Spirochetal Infections (Weedon Chapter 24)
Mycoses and Algal Infections (Weedon Chapter 25)
Viral Diseases (Weedon Chapter 26)
Protozoal Infections (Weedon Chapter 27)
Marine, Helminth, and Arthropod-Induced Diseases (Weedon Chapters 28-30)
Tumors of the Epidermis (Weedon Chapter 31)
Lentigines, Nevi, and Melanoma (Weedon Chapter 32)
Tumors of Cutaneous Appendages (Weedon Chapter 33)
Tumors and Tumor-like Proliferations of Fibrous Tissue (Weedon Chapter 34)
Tumors of Fat (Weedon Chapter 35)
Tumors of Muscle, Cartilage, and Bone (Weedon Chapter 36)
Neural and Neuroendocrine Tumors (Weedon Chapter 37)
Vascular Tumors (Weedon Chapter 38)
Cutaneous Metastases (Weedon Chapter 39)
Cutaneous Infiltrates Non-Lymphoid (Weedon Chapter 40)
Cutaneous Infiltrates Lymphomatous and Leukemic (Weedon Chapter 41)

Dermatopathology Board Review Questions (Lever Ninth Edition)

Congenital Diseases (Genodermatoses-Lever Chapter 6)
Noninfectious Erythematous, Papular, and Squamous Diseases-Lever Chapter 7
Vascular Diseases (Lever Chapter 8)
Noninfectious Vesiculobullous and Vesiculopustular Diseases (Lever Chapter 9)
Connective Tissue Diseases (Lever Chapter 10)
Cutaneous Toxicities of Drugs (Lever Chapter 11)
Photosensitivity Disorders (Lever Chapter 12)
Disorders Associated with Physical Agents: Heat, Cold, Radiation, and Trauma (Lever Chapter 13)
Non-infectious Granulomas (Lever Chapter 14)
Degenerative Diseases and Perforating Disorders (Lever Chapter 15)
Cutaneous Manifestations of Nutritional Deficiency States and GI Disease (Lever Chapter 16)
Metabolic Diseases of the Skin (Lever Chapter 17)
Inflammatory Diseases of the Hair Follicle, Sweat Glands, and Cartilage (Lever Chapter 18)
Inflammatory Diseases of the Nail (Lever Chapter 19)
Inflammatory Diseases of the Subcutaneous Fat (Lever Chapter 20)
Bacterial Diseases (Lever Chapter 21)
Treponemal Diseases (Lever Chapter 22)
Fungal Disease (Lever Chapter 23)
Protozoan Diseases and Parasitic Infections (Lever Chapter 24)
Viral Infections of the Skin (Lever Chapter 25)
Histiocytoses (Lever Chapter 26)
Pigmentary Disorders of the Skin (Lever Chapter 27)
Benign Melanocytic Nevi (Lever Chapter 28-Part I)
Malignant Melanoma (Lever Chapter 28-Part II)
Tumors and Cysts of the Epidermis (Lever Chapter 29)
Tumors of the Epidermal Appendages (Lever Chapter 30)
Cutaneous Lymphomas and Leukemias (Lever Chapter 31)
Tumors of Fibrous Tissue Involving the Skin (Lever Chapter 32)
Vascular Tumors: Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions of Blood Vessels and Lymphatics (Lever Chapter 33)
Tumors with Fatty, Muscular, Osseous, and Cartilagenous Differentiation (Lever Chapter 34)
Tumors of Neural Tissue (Lever Chapter 35)
Metastatic Carcinoma of the Skin (Lever Chapter 36)


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